Our bot Devvie.

Grand Unveiling at Cisco Live!

Join us in Las Vegas for an unparalleled tech spectacle featuring our bot Devvie, and Kareem Iskander, our hardware maestro!

About the Event

We’re taking things to the next level at this year’s Cisco Live conference. In a live demo featuring Cisco Meraki’s advanced network automation and security solutions, we’re showcasing the powerful combination of human expertise and Artificial Intelligence.

Meet Devvie, the Future of Network Automation


Devvie is not your ordinary bot. Designed to leverage Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based management capabilities, Devvie can automate the settings of all Meraki devices, deploying newly added devices and configuring them to meet the precise needs of any network.

Devvie’s capabilities include the following:

  1. Automated Deployment: Devvie can automatically recognize and set up any new Meraki devices added to the network, reducing the need for manual configuration and saving valuable time.
  2. Intelligent Configuration: Using AI algorithms and machine learning, Devvie can optimally configure devices for the best performance, adjusting settings based on network conditions and usage.
  3. Proactive Security: Devvie constantly monitors network activity for potential security risks, using advanced AI-driven threat detection to safeguard your network.
  4. Effortless Scalability: Devvie can seamlessly integrate and manage new devices and locations as your business grows, making network expansion smoother than ever.

Witness Kareem Iskander in Action

Kareem Iskander

To complement Devvie’s software capabilities, we have the human touch of Kareem Iskander. Kareem, a Lead Technical Advocate, Cisco Systems, and a Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker, will be unboxing and physically connecting Meraki devices on stage, showing you how easy it is to set up your network’s hardware components.

Kareem’s session will cover the following:

  1. Unboxing and Setup: Watch as Kareem expertly unpacks and sets up Meraki devices, demonstrating the simplicity and elegance of Meraki’s design.
  2. Live Connection: Kareem will connect these devices live, showcasing the seamless integration of Meraki hardware with the cloud-managed IT infrastructure.
  3. Real-Time Interaction: As Kareem connects the devices, you’ll see Devvie instantly recognize and configure them, providing a live demonstration of network automation in action.

Be a Part of the Future

This is more than just an event; it’s a glimpse into the future of network management. Witness firsthand how AI can revolutionize IT operations, making networks more efficient, secure, and adaptable.

Join us at Cisco Live in Las Vegas and participate in this exciting journey. Register today and don’t miss the chance to see the next big thing in network automation!